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Kitchen's purpose has expanded over the years, it has become a place where we eat, work and communicate, but the main activity remains cooking. For this reason, our aim is to make the kitchen furniture and production functional: it shouldn't have sharp edges that we can bump into when cooking, it should be resistant to temperature changes, humidity and other factors, the height and the direction of the door opening would be convenient when cooking.


All people are different and have their own habits and hobbies, there is no one right answer. Bespoke Kitchen  is created individually for each person to best meet their needs and character. Some use the kitchen only for breakfast or coffee in the morning, others spend almost all day in it. Therefore, when choosing furniture and design, it is important to decide how important cooking is to you.

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Another important requirement for the furniture in the kitchen is it's compatibility with the general interior of the house, also if the household appliances are used. We want the practicality of the furniture to reflect the solid style of the room. When the kitchen is installed in a separate room, you can indulge your imagination. You can get ideas in the photo galleries on our website. We produce eye-catching, high-quality hard furniture that meets your personal lifestyle.

Bespoke kitchen furniture production is characterized by a wide range of material choices. We produce furniture from laminated, painted wood panels, natural wood, various glass, metal and stone products. This allows you to create a unique design that reflects both individual preferences and modern trends in furniture production.


Designing and adapting the design to each customer is a complex process, so all this work in our company is performed by professionals in their field. At the time of ordering, they can prepare several options, and after choosing the most suitable design, you will be able to provide your comments, wishes, what should be changed next. We give each customer the opportunity to choose the desired facade – natural wood or natural veneer, laminated board or painted MDF.

The colour palette is also very rich, so you will definitely have something to choose from. In the range of services we provide, design and engineering is performed in the field of solid furniture. Kitchen furniture is created using the latest technologies, which allows us to offer customers non-standard type of furniture with certain accessories, incorporating glass or a mirror. We also offer sliding systems. This choice can really make your home more economical and modern if you want to have furniture with sliding doors.


The size of the room should be taken into account when installing the kitchen. By measuring everything accurately, you will be able to more easily decide what furniture is needed in your kitchen. Perhaps in a particular case it is better to choose wider or slightly narrower cabinets than standard. Preserving space is a very important aspect in order to be able to move freely when cooking or performing other functions, the furniture is arranged comfortably. Non-standard solutions are what we can offer. Kitchen is a great place if everything in the kitchen is arranged so that it is easy to turn around. If not – we get tired faster, we spend more time. So if you are planning to remodel, renovate or install a new kitchen, you need to pay attention to a few practical tips :

First of all, you should try to make 4 zones in the kitchen – refrigerator, sink, desk and stove. By arranging them in this order as written, you will be able to prepare the food in a logical sequence: after removing the product from the refrigerator, you will be able to wash it, prepare the dish on the desk, from where it travels on the stove or directly to the oven. Choose space for cabinets, drawers, or cabinets to store other products next to home appliances. Drawers and cabinets are convenient to hang above the desk or sink. Arrange the furniture and the necessary equipment so that there is less twisting, bending or walking.

It should not be forgotten that the kitchen should also be easy to clean, well ventilated, bright and tidy. Between the 4 functional zones discussed, furniture and household appliances need to maintain a certain distance as every inch is important. The height of the desk, cabinets, table is also very important. They are produced in two heights as standard: 86 or 91 cm. The height of cabinets and tables should be chosen according to your height. Otherwise, when preparing food, you may hurt your back. If you order from us, you can choose any height using our services.


We have accumulated many years of experience which allows us to apply rational solutions to our non-standard products and make the most of the space in the room. Furniture made from the selected type of texture, color, high-quality materials and fittings, tailored to your kitchen is a long-term investment. Kitchen furniture and it's price pays off over the time. Statistics show that kitchens are usually renewed no more often than once every 15-20 years, so it's price should not be scary. Our bespoke kitchens have an attractive price because we get our materials straight from manufacturers.

Our services include professional consultations for those planning to install a kitchen, interior design and style offers, assistance in planning the layout of furniture and appliances, design and installation of furniture and additional elements. We have the highest quality and good price. In each case, we take into account the individual needs of customers, we design the kitchen and the furniture in it to create a cozy and pleasant environment in your home.